Press Release: Marty Hiller joins CAG as Chairman of the Advisory Board

Capital Automotive Real Estate Services Inc. takes on the Aviation Real Estate Market with Industry Leader, Marty Hiller, as Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Virginia, February 6, 2017  – Capital Automotive Real Estate Services, Inc. (CARS) announced its new business line Capital Aviation Group (CAG).  CAG will provide the same proven customized sale-leaseback services to the business aviation industry that CARS has provided to the automotive industry for the last 19 years.  With the involvement of industry experts, such as Marty Hiller, and a dedicated business focus, CAG plans to be the preferred provider of long-term real estate capital for successful operators of FBOs, MROs, Airport Infrastructure, Air Cargo and Hangar airport properties.

“We are thrilled to launch Capital Aviation Group with Marty Hiller as the Chairman of our Advisory Board,” said Jay Ferriero, President of CARS.  “His extensive industry knowledge paired with our experience in providing long-term specialized real estate capital is a winning combination.  Together we look forward to working with leading aviation industry operators to help them grow their businesses.”

Marty Hiller is a recognized business aviation leader known for developing strategic vision and management processes to achieve business goals.  He led the growth of the Hiller family business interests in aviation and specialty carbon products.  Later, he engineered the sale of the Hiller’s aviation fuel distributorship and managed a global team of aviation professionals for World Fuel Services [NYSE:INT], a Fortune 100 company.  Marty is currently a member of the Duncan Aviation Advisory Board and is the President of National Air Transportation Association.